Led Lighting

Everyone knows that LED light is the current trend in energy savings. At AudioService we’re LED specialists in Estepona, Marbella, Manilva, Benahavis, Casares and Sotogrande. We update the lighting system to LED, offering a significant saving in bills to the consumer without losing out on light.

LED technology means lighting and energy saving: for example, a 5W LED light bulb can be equivalent to a 35W conventional bulb. That’s a 70-80% saving without skimping on light.

At Audio Service we have technicians who specialise in lighting and energy efficiency. We update the current lighting system to LED. We are specialists in LED in Estepona, Marbella, Manilva, Casares and Sotogrande.

We specialise in offering lighting systems that are both energy and cost-efficient to companies and communities. LED light for interiors, exteriors, automatic programming for specific times or using movement sensors, solar powered lighting that doesn’t use electricity, false ceiling halogen bulbs, spotlights for large spaces, ambient and ornamental lighting, etc.


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    A savings tool to combat the constant increase in the cost of electricity.


    45,000 hours. LED technology lasts longer than traditional lighting.


    LED lights can stand, on average, 20,000 hours of being constantly on, and what’s more, they don’t require maintenance.


    Compared with conventional bulbs, LEDs emit less heat.


    Your health and the planet will thank you. Less consumption and longer lasting, which means less CO2 is released and less waste is generated.

Led Light for Residential Blocks and Neighbourhoods

The common areas of residential blocks are a key place where electricity is wasted, and garages are one of the main culprits. As a result, switching to LED results in a huge, long term economic benefit for residential blocks. We offer a full catalogue of services with the objective of improving their cost and energy efficiency.

  • Installation and renovation of LED lighting:
    In houses, buildings, offices, neighbourhoods, garages, tennis courts, swimming pools, gardens, residential blocks and large areas.
  • Installation of timers and movement sensors:
    For the independent lighting of garages, houses, entry ways and the landings and staircases of buildings.
  • Studies on energy saving.
  • Switching lamps and strip lights to LED technology.
LED Lighting for Businesses

LED lighting is the perfect solution to save on business energy costs. At AudioService we offer a vast catalogue of LED lighting for businesses in Estepona, Marbella, Manilva, Casares, Benahavis y Sotogrande, where you can find LED bulbs to reduce the electricity use of your business and considerably reduce your electricity bill. You can also ask for our installation service, where technicians who specialise in LED lighting will take charge of renovating all your business’s interior and exterior lighting.

Lighting for Private Clients

At our store on Avenida Literal 41 (Estepona, Malaga) we offer a wide range of LED lighting for individuals. LED technology is becoming more common in homes, and the technology could lead to a saving of more than 80% when compared with a traditional incandescent bulb. It gives more light, less emissions and is more resilient and durable. At AutoService you can now buy the best LED lighting and we’ll also advise you with no obligation. We have a wide range of LED bulbs of various colours that can be adapted to any environment, home or work.

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