Adapt your Community to the Second Digital Dividend.

Authorized Installers in Marbella, Estepona, Manilva, Casares, Benahavis and Sotogrande.

The Second Digital Dividend and 5G are just around the corner, and AudioService Telecomunicaciones will help you adapt your Neighborhood Community by making the necessary technical changes and managing the subsidy at no extra cost through the Electronic Public Corporate Entity or from the Ministry of Economy and Business Affairs.

The homeowners’ associations must begin adaptation works as soon as possible and have everything needed by June 30, 2020, to continue enjoying Free Digital Terrestrial Television (TDT).

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Don’t run out of TV! Deadline: June 30, 2020.

It is advisable to anticipate and gradually adapt the neighboring communities since it is very likely that some of them suffer the outage of free television signal. In these cases, it is likely that many leave this adaptation until the last days, thus running out of TV in 2020.

You need a Certified Installation Company.

According to the Royal Decree published in the BOE, only Installation and Technical Companies registered in the Registry of Telecommunications Installation Companies type A or F are authorized to carry out this type of installation, such as AudioService Telecomunicaciones.

Furthermore, to access the subsidies approved by the Government, you will need:

+ Copy of the invoice issued by the company that corresponds to the action object of the subsidy.
+ Copy of the Bulletin of the adaptation issued by the authorized installation company.
+ Certification of bank ownership where the amount of the subsidy will be deposited.

What are these grants?

With the publication in BOE about the Second Digital Dividend, the Government has approved assistance.

+ Reprogramming: 104,3 €
+ Infrastructure + 1 single channel module: 156,45 €
+ Infrastructure + 2 single channel module: 260,75 €
+ Infrastructure + 3 single channel module: 365,05 €
+ Infrastructure + 4 single channel module: 469,35 €
+ Infrastructure + 5 single channel module: 573,65 €.
+ Infrastructure + 6 single channel module: 677,95 €.

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