Spanish TDT Satellite

We are authorized installers for Spanish Satellite DTT, Spanish Freeview TV in Estepona, Marbella, Manilva, Casares and Sotogrande.

Who is eligible for Satellite DTT?

Satellite DTT may be requested by people who reside in a signal-shaded cataloged area.

If you reside in a shadow zone, you may request the installation of a SAT-DTT receiver from AudioService. Once the application is approved, we will proceed to the installation and activation by Abertis.

Televes Caravaning: Satellite DTT solution for campers and boats

Televes Caravanning Satellite DTT solutions: with this solution you will receive the free channels of the whole Spanish freeview system in your motorhome or boat.

This receiver will automatically tune in to the freeview satellite channels.

All open channels are provided at no cost, or with a monthly cost. The channels received are the same as you might see from conventional antenna, except for regional and local channels.


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